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Finding Stephanie Lowery was one of the luckiest things that has happened to me in my 65 years.

I suffered a ruptured disk 8 months earlier and tried a therapist who only hurt me. Many therapists just don't know how to treat herniated or ruptured disk patients!

I have spent several months researching the McKenzie Method for treating mostly back patients, and Stephanie is deeply experienced and intensively trained by the McKenzie Institute. She holds their highest certification.

From my own experience in working with her over several months, I can tell you she is direct, firm, and self assured. She knows exactly what she is doing, and I felt completely confident in following her direction. Over this period I gained increased range of motion in my back and legs, and was able to reduce the radicular pain in my leg about 50%. My case was more challenging than average, because for many patients, the McKenzie Method can provide relief within a week or two, according to Stephanie, and the McKenzie literature.

I have some more work to do, but in comparison with the other therapists I have tried, there is no comparison. I can very confidently recommend Stephanie Lowery for anyone with lower back pain, and for any joint pain which the McKenzie Method is suited for.                                                                                   Ernie, Virginia  



I suffer from spinal stenosis - as do many 73 year old's. I received a diagnosis from a spinal expert at the Cleveland Clinic and a stenosis expert at University Hospital. Both suggested, what they described as routine spinal surgery, physical thereapy, pain medication or living with the pain. I decided that I did not want lower back surgery, pain medication, or living with the pain. Following receiving physical therapy at both hospitals the pain remained. I tried accupuncture - it did not help.

In the meantime I did extensive research and became aware of Robin McKenzie. In reading the McKenzie international website, I learned that Robin McKenzie, who resides in New Zealand is internationally recognized as an authority on the diagnosis  and treatment of lower back pain. As an attorney I became suspicious that he was a charlatan. To check him out, I purchased his book "Treat Your Own Back", first published in 1990. I learned there were "diplomaed and credentialed McKenzie therapists" thoughout the world, which led me to Dr. Stephanie Lowery at ActiveCare PT in Willoughby, Ohio. I immediately called for an appointment . Stephanie saw me immediately. Her knowledge, demeanor, caring personality provided immediate comfort that I had found the right therapist. Following a thorough examination and putting me through some initial exercises she recommened a series of exercises. I expected she would schedule a series of lengthy appointments, instead she said she only needed to see me a few times until I was able to understand and properly do the prescribed exercises. Lo and behold in a few weeks the intense pain behind my knees had disappeared. Recently, while in Califrnia on business--the intense pain returned-- she immediately returned my call. We talked at length. She then took some photos of herself doing the proper way to do the exercises and e-mailed me the photos. It worked. She is wonderful.  

I strongly urge anyone with back --neck or shoulder pain to do not hesitate and call Dr. Stephanie Lowery at 440-951-2278.  Thanks Stephanie--you are the best--a tribute to health care providers.        John, Cleveland

I suffered from neck and arm pain caused from a bulging disc. Since going to Stephanie at ActiveCare PT, I have greater range of motion in my neck and shoulders. I'm also pain free. Stephanie is not only a great physical therapist but she also educates her patients. Stephanie taught me some simple exercises that fit easily into my daily routine. She spent the extra time to help me understand what was going on in my neck and what will help me get through it. Pain can be depressing but now that the pain is gone I feel like
myself again.  I recommend Stephanie to all my friends and family.                                                    Tim, Leroy

Over the past years, Stephanie was my physical therapist for my arthritic joint problems and chronic pain. It was clear from the beginning that Stephanie is no ordinary physical therapist. I find her to always be kind,
enthusiastic, motivating, and a creative physical therapist. Most of all I think Stephanie is extremely knowledgeable in dealing with patient's having chronic pain and arthritis. She is thorough with her approach and always provides quality care. She has time and again gone the extra mile to make sure I am properly supported beyond the office setting, helping to get me the right in-home equipment and never hesitating to be available to answer my questions. I believe that I have maintained as much independent mobility as possible over the years, due in large part to the great care provided by Stephanie. Thank you Steph!  Julie, Chesterland

It's a little difficult to talk about the problem of urinary incontinence but if you've found a solution, I think it's your responsibility to share your good fortune.  My solution was found at ActiveCare PT with Stephanie Lowery. I was in pretty sad shape. But now, thanks to Stephanie, I no longer leak urine while sleeping at night or standing from a seated position during the day.  Any embarrassment that I felt quickly evaporated the first day of therapy. Stephanie's patience, kindness and encouraging manner were apparent then, and have not wavered. She has been sensitive to my situation and her guidance has helped me feel completely comfortable and confident again.  Do yourself a favor: Make an appointment with Stephanie. She is altogether delightful and a joy to work with!                                                                                          Pat, Concord                                                                                                             

Stephanie is a knowledgeable, professional, and effective physical therapist. After suffering for years with lower back pain caused by a herniated disk I am now pain free and don't have any limitations. I had tried every treatment and program before coming to ActiveCare PT but nothing worked. I found Stephanie through the McKenzie International website therapist locator, and figured it would be worth the drive if she could help me.  After a few visits with Stephanie and following her treatment plan I am pain free and feeling great. In fact just ran my first 5k in years.Thanks again Stephanie!                                                                           Ryan, Canton


When I came to ActiveCare PT Inc. I had been in constant daily excrutiating pain for almost three years.  I spent most of my day in bed, wanting to sleep, because that was the only time I had 'no pain'.  I had tried accupuncture, the traditional physical therapy, and osteopathic manipulation before hearing about the McKenzie Method.  Stephanie has given my old self back to me.  My friends have noticed the change in the way I carry myself and the way I feel.  I still have some pain on a daily basis, however the pain level is now a one or two out of 10, not the 10 or 20 out of 10 pain level I had before.  I now know what to do to help myself. Thanks Stephanie for not giving up on me.  You said from day one that I would improve and you were so right!                                                                                                                                                         Joyce, Euclid





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